Web and mobile

Making of a website
Each step of a site creation. It is still possible to make original sites.

Algorithm of search engines
Knowledge of their algorithm to avoid undue penalties. Built from Google's patents and conferences with Webmasters. Diagnosis tool for your site.

Technical aspects of the tool which became a universal CMS. Two themes are offered by scriptol.

Reviews of software
Can we use a big database for free? See Oracle vs PostgreSQL.

Web and services
Software that let the Web to work, especially its big actors.

The browser that changed the Web. About:plugins and the Flash reader.

Software for mobiles
Review of OS, frameworks to make portables apps on mobile devices.

The next computer
The PC on which you will program from now.

Modern techniques of programming

Languages and algorithms
All the new languages. History and description of the most popular. Algorithms and programming technologies.

Increasingly unavoidable, it is used everywhere, even to program electronic assemblies. A series of articles explain how to use Node.js with HTML 5, in JavaScript or even with the PHP language.

Is is now a platform for web apps, or for the Modern UI on Windows. Compatibility tests.

Techniques of style sheets to build apps for the Web and smartphones.

Drawing in a web page, with scripts and online démos.

What can we do with SVG? Examples of applications, and how to integrate SVG in web pages.

Ajax and WebSocket
The creation of of interactive interface for web applications. A simple framework: Anaa.

The MySQL and PHP tutorial to use a database with a Web application. Getting started with SQLite. XAML for modern apps on Windows.

Many scripts are available

Advanced Explorer JavaScript
Advanced Explorer, in JavaScript with Node.js

JavaScript, PHP, C++ scripts
Various automation tools.

Webmaster's tools
Tools and Scripts to manage your site. PHP FTP Synchronizer updates a website from a local image. Simple Map generates an XML sitemap. Link checker at command line.

RSS Tools
Ara Editor to build and update the RSS feed of your website. PHP RSS Reader to display a feed from any source, on your website.

For Web and mobile apps.

For the development of Web apps

How to choose a content management system, ready to use or a framework. And also how to build a CMS.

Design and drawing
The design and graphics of a site or an app. Tools and resources for graphics, photo montages made with Gimp explained. Integrating Adsense.

Robotics and the Internet of Things offer new horizons

A few electronic assemblies could be needed, so we will study the basics.

News and trends about the future of the humanity. The field destined to become more important than computing for developers in a near future. Programming the robots, the tools.

Electronics for robotic
Starting a series of assemblies to learn how to build a robot.


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