Scripting and development of Web and mobile applications, standards-based, with open source tools.


File manager made in JavaScript, running locally with Node.js, has the Ace text editor built in.


The creation of of interactive interface for web applications. A simple framework: Anaa. A comparison of Ajax and WebSocket is provided along an overview of WebRTC.


The browser that changed the Web, as well as Firefox.
About:plugins could help to solve issues with the Flash reader.


The list of CMS should help to choose the best automated site manager. And also how to build a CMS.


Techniques of style sheets and widgets to build apps for the Web and smartphones.


The design and graphics of a site or an app. Tools and resources for graphics, photo montages made with Gimp explained.
How to use Adsense and integrate it in the pages.


This is not only a replacement for HTML 4 but also a platform for web apps, or for the modern UI on Windows 8.
The list of form elements allows you to verify the support on any browser.


Node.js is part of a environment for local applications with HTML 5 interface. A series of articles explains how to create a local server of pages, including PHP pages.


Design of modern programming languages and the making of compilers.

Making a site

Sample of original sites to prove on may still innovate even if there are already 300 millions websites!
FAQ of web site creation.


Frameworks to make portables apps on mobile devices.
Tizen is a possible alternative to Android.


The section provides an history of programming languages, a list of all languages, a list of all algorithms and a list of astounding graphic algorithms. Amazing quotes about languages from programmers.


The field destined to become more important than computing for developers in a near future. Programming the robots, the tools.
A gallery of robots shows what we can make for now.


The Ara Editor is a PHP script that allows you to build and update the RSS feed of your website.
The PHP RSS Reader is a simple function to display a feed from any source, on your website. A version for Atom is available too.


Bioloide. Toolbox for webmasters.
The PHP FTP Synchronizer program updates a website from a local image.
Thumbnail Maker. Resize images with perfect proportions.
Simple Map generates an XML sitemap.

Search engines

Knowledge of their algorithm to avoid undue penalties, with the SEO manual and other studies. Built from Google's patents and conferences with Webmasters. A page of diagnosis of your site for search engines.
FAQ of the algorithm.


Can we use a big database for free? See Oracle vs PostgreSQL.
Articles about Windows 8 and its modern interface, many lists of tools including anti-virus and HTML editors.


The MySQL and PHP tutorial explains how to use a database with a Web application. Another tutorial to get started with SQLite.


New technologies, including 3D printers, new interfaces, tablet PC to replace desktops, but nano-PC can take over.

Web actors

Surprising facts about Google Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Second Life... Astonishing projects from Mozilla.


What can we do with SVG? Examples of applications, and the SVG text tag to improve the look of your page while remaining accessible to search engines.
The XAML tutorial to start with the modern interface on Windows.

How to... general FAQ...

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